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Terms & Conditions

1. Orders

Orders are binding for both parties from the point in time they are effectuated.

2. Payment

The tenant shall pay an advance of 25% of the gross rental amount at the latest two weeks (14 days) after the order has been placed. When a booking is made online with a credit card, the account will be charged immediately.


All travel documents are sent to the tenant as soon as the advance payment has been registered. The remaining amount must be paid at least six weeks before arrival. If the advance is not paid, Din Tur has the right to cancel the order. If the order is made within six weeks of the arrival date, the entire rental amount must be paid on the due date. Applications for visas cost NOK 75 per person, with a minimum charge of NOK 300.


3. Cancellations

Provided that there are at least eight weeks (56 days) remaining before the agreed arrival date, the tenant can cancel the order within ten days of placing the order. The advance payment is refunded to the tenant with the deduction of a cancellation fee of NOK 500. The tenant can also cancel the order if cancellation takes place more than ten days after the order was made but not later than 56 days before the arrival date. The advance payment must be made to Din Tur.

It is not possible to cancel within 56 days of arrival. The tenant must then pay the entire rental amount to Din Tur.

Tenants must themselves arrange travel insurance that will cover any illness or other circumstances over which the tenant has no control and which make it impossible to make use of the product that has been ordered.

All cancellations must be made in writing.


4. Changes to orders

Provided that there are at least 56 days remaining before arrival, the tenant has the right to change the order. Changes cannot lead to a lower rental amount, and the change must be in the same year and to the same destination as the original order. The fee for changes is NOK 300.


5. Arrival and departure times

Arrival time is 14.00, and departure time is 10.00 unless otherwise stated on our website or in the travel documents. If arrival or departure should occur between 23.00 and 07.00, the tenant may be requested to pay a fee of NOK 600.


6. The tenant's responsibility

The tenant undertakes to remedy any damage that may occur to the property, the accommodation and its contents, boats, engines, tools etc. The tenant is also responsible for any such damage that may be caused by persons who are part of the rental arrangement or who the tenant in any other way allows access to the properties.

A deposit may be required on arrival amounting to NOK 1600 (200 Euro) per housing unit and, if relevant, one boat. For additional boats a deposit of NOK 800 (100 Euro) per boat may be required.

Once the tenant has returned the housing unit and the boat in the agreed condition, the deposit will be returned to the tenant.


7. Obstacles beyond Din Tur's control

Din Tur can cancel a trip without liability to pay compensation if it can be justified that the trip cannot be carried out due to obstacles which are beyond Din Tur's control and which could not reasonably be expected to have been taken into account when the contract was entered into, and the consequences of which neither Din Tur nor any of those responsible could avoid or prevent. Such obstacles could be, depending on the particular circumstances, war or acts of war, natural disasters, dangerous contagious diseases or other events that must be given a status equal to those mentioned.

If a trip is cancelled before it starts due to obstacles beyond Din Tur's control, Din Tur undertakes to refund the tenant immediately all amounts paid. Alternatively, the tenant has the right to take part in another trip if it is possible for Din Tur to make an appropriate offer.

On the same terms as those mentioned in the first paragraph of this section, Din Tur will not be obliged to pay compensation for the trip being inadequate as a result of such obstacles arising after the trip has begun. If the trip is cut short by Din Tur, or if the tenant interrupts the trip on account of such conditions, the tenant will nonetheless be entitled to a proportionate reduction in price. Din Tur undertakes to eliminate any risk or disadvantage for the tenant to the degree this is possible.



Any tickets for flights, ferries, coaches etc, arranged by Din Tur in conjunction with any of our holidays will remain the responsibility of the relevant transport company. Therefore any liability arising from delays, missed connecting flights, etc will be the responsibility of those companies, and their terms and conditions shall be made available to the passenger on request. Din Tur as a Tour Operator can not therefore assume any liability


8. Complaints

Any complaints must be made immediately to the host/hostess or to the person listed as the contact person.

If the matter cannot be solved immediately, a written complaint must be sent to Din Tur at the latest 14 days after the conclusion of the rental period. Din Tur undertakes to reply to the tenant within six weeks of receiving the complaint.


9. Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund

Din Tur is a member of the Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund. See

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