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How to book


You can make your booking in the following ways;

1) For Web Bookings : Click the link at the bottom of each destination page : HOW TO BOOK THIS HOLIDAY 

2) Call or email Ian Peacock in our Uk office at: Shop 2, Springwell House, Sixth Street, Horden, SR8 4SE, 0191-4472363 (OFFICE) or 07763576995 (MOBILE) EMAIL:


You can pay by the following methods :

1) Pay by bank transfer in GBP, either, in your Bank branch, or by internet banking, transfer, if you have it.

2) Pay by card on our web booking page : Payments by card on the website, are paid direct to our Norway office, and are taken in Norwegian Krone, Please Note: If you pay by this method, payments taken in Norwegian Krone will differ according to the banks daily rate of exchange, this means you could pay more, or less, than the GBP cost on your invoice, at the time of payment.


Ian has been involved in the Norway fishing scene for many years, he has travelled all around Norway and has fished in countless places from the boats and the shore. He booked his own holidays direct with Din Tur, so many times that he became well known to the staff and management at Din Tur. When the decision to open a Uk office was made, Ian was the ideal person for the job, so he joined the company in 2006, and made his passion for Norway his occupation !!!!

Ian will answer any questions you may have, regarding, locations, travel, seasons, tackle, fishing spots, etc, and he will make booking your holiday, a, stress free experience !!! 

We look forward to booking your holidays in Norway !!!!!

Thanks from everyone at Din Tur

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