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Norway Fishing Adventures

Sea fishing in Norway is "world class" that is no cliché it is a fact that is proven many times each year!!!

Toppbilde _ukThe whole coastline, along with its magnificent array of Fjords holds probably some of the richest fish stocks in the World. This is becoming more and more obvious each year as the visiting anglers report their catches in newspapers, on the various forums and on social networking sites. A very high percentage of anglers will catch a "personal best fish" while visiting Norway.

The fishing in Norway is superb from, Boats and from the shore, in all areas from, the South all the way up to the far North.

Seasons, Boat & Shore Fishing

In winter the Barents Sea Cod or 'Skrei' start their journey to the spawning grounds around Norway. The massive shoals of huge cod can stretch for miles and miles, as they make their way to the many Fjords and islands to spawn. The 'Skrei run' can start in December and the fish will wait until the conditions are right for them to spawn right up to April. Cod in excess of 100lbs have been regularly reported in commercial nets and cod over ninety pounds were caught on rod & line from small boats in Feb, March & April 2012 in the North of Norway.

Once these fish have spawned, they start feeding really hard to bulk up and regain their strength for the return journey, this is when some outstanding catches are made.

March and April is also a good time for Huge Halibut. Fishing with either whole coalfish baits or large weighted shad lures always seems to produce the bigger fish as the large baits are more selective, and the smaller fish don't go for them.

Once the water temperature rises and the fish have spawned, May, June & July is the time when the bait shoals have arrived on the inshore plateaus and on into the fjords. The fishing now is amazing with most species in abundance, like, Cod, Coalies, Wolf fish, Redfish, Haddock, Pollack, Ling etc, and there are still some huge Halibut around the coastal areas.

The middle to end of July is the time when the main run of Big Coalfish arrive in good numbers, especially in the North. These are here right through to October, sometimes later. The huge Halibut are also coming into shallow areas in these months and October can be exceptional for them in some areas.

Although as yet not many anglers have ventured to Norway in the months between November and February, the fishing can be extraordinary, especially from the shore.

Shore Fishing

Shore fishing in Norway for Cod, Halibut, Plaice, Coalfish, Haddock, Wolf fish, rays, dabs & Pollack is spectacular. Fishing from the shore in Flatanger and Leka, to name just a couple of places, is incredible with double figure fish caught on bait all through the winter, October to April. Lure angling from the shore from also produces some huge fish and really exciting sport on spinning gear.

Boat Fishing

Boat Fishing from self-drive boats is incredible; you have the satisfaction of going out and finding the fish, coupled with the freedom of going when and where you like. You can take advantage of the extensive knowledge of your Din Tur Staff and also your host at your holiday location, or simply do your own thing.

Big Boat Fishing

Some boat anglers prefer more comfort or more room on a boat, if you do then maybe our Big Boat fishing holidays are for you. You can have Full Board in our apartments and go out every day with a skipper that knows the fishing grounds like the back of his hand. Fish of huge sizes are caught with skippers every year in and around the fjords, 'Great Fun' !!!!!

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